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Solution to that logic by ayame18 Solution to that logic by ayame18
I did not see anything with this quote on it, so I made it. I saw this quote on a picture on Tumblr and thought it was pretty awesome since I've thought the same thing. If I find the picture again on Tumblr, I'll paste it here. Edit: Found it knowledgeappliedispower.tumblr…

The thought of a man, woman or child being raped and blamed for it because of their clothing is bewildering and vastly idiotic on mankind's behalf. No one should ever be assaulted and forced in a situation like that nor blamed because of some unstable twit who is a sexual predator that needs mental help. If anything, rapists should be prohibited to walk the streets since many are not mentally fit to control themselves when they see a person wearing "suggestive" clothing.

Update - March 10, 2014/11:30 p.m. - I am disabling the comments from my stamps and removing them from the groups I placed them in.

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December 28, 2012
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